Choosing a Disc Jockey Company

Editorial in Veil Magazine

By Paul Hackbarth. (Sound By Design Disc Jockey Service)

Although it may not be on the top of your priority list, choosing a disc jockey may be one of the most important decisions you make when planning your special wedding day. Disc Jockey’s are only a small percent of the wedding budget, but are responsible for about 75% of your wedding days success. Many of us have been to a wedding reception where the disc jockey is far from qualified to be playing at such a special event. We need to remember that the last thing that people see and hear is the disc jockey. With all of this in mind, your disc jockey company is responsible for a large impression of your wedding reception’s success. This leaves a large responsibility to the disc jockey company. Choosing a disc jockey company can be easy when following a couple guidelines.

If you are offered a referral from a friend or family member for a disc jockey company, please take it seriously. There is no better way of starting your search for entertainment. There are many different entertainment companies, and to pick a company from a brochure or other information is difficult. If you know that a friend or family member was satisfied with a company’s performance, you will most likely be happy with their performance as well. This referral reflects the company’s ability to satisfy their customers, and keep to their promises.

Make sure that your disc jockey company is dedicated to offering personalized service. You should be able to have as much or as little say in your wedding day as you’d like. From experience, there are couples that are very picky when it comes to their music selection, and there are couples that trust the disc jockey company and their professional experience. Please be sure that the company you choose is open to incorporating all of your ideas and needs. Many companies have a set agenda and don’t allow you to have much input on your day. You want to be sure that the company allows you to meet or talk with your disc jockey prior to your wedding day. This is crucial when choosing a company, because it allows you to meet your disc jockey and discuss all of your wedding day plans. When meeting with YOUR disc jockey (not the company owner or manager), you are able to plan your music and agenda to exactly what you want it to be.

Choose a company that doesn’t make you choose between many different packages. This is where companies will hit you with many different hidden charges after signing the initial contract. Many companies will quote you a “great” price, but later you will end up paying double by adding all the special lighting and deluxe sound. Many price quotes only reflect the lowest package a company offers you. You want to choose a company that offers only one package…and the package they offer should be the best! This package should include a state of the art sound and lighting system that you don’t have to upgrade at a later time. There is no substitution for the finest lighting and sound at your wedding reception. Weddings are very special, and only deserve the best!

Your disc jockey company should be set up prior to your guests’ arrival. There is nothing more unprofessional than a disc jockey company setting up while your guests are arriving or during dessert for that matter. The package a company offers should cover the time-span of your entire wedding reception.

Your disc jockey company should be insured and should always carry back-up equipment. Even if the company claims to have the greatest equipment, there should always be back-up equipment on hand. Insurance is important in any business, and your disc jockey should carry insurance.

Can the company offer you a 100% money-back guarantee? By offering a guarantee, this shows that the company is dedicated to YOU and YOUR wedding day. A guarantee confirms that the company will give you all that they have promised you! This guarantee shows that the company is confident with their staff, and all they have to offer. This also proves that the company doesn’t treat your wedding as another wedding, but your own special wedding that incorporates all of your ideas and wishes. This is your wedding day, and a guarantee makes your decision that much easier.

Finally, remember that the highest priced company doesn’t mean that they are the greatest. A lot of the time, the companies that are competitively priced between the high priced and the low price companies offer the finest package. Also, if a company won’t quote you a price over the phone this says something. These are the companies that will charge you for every little detail.

Choosing a disc jockey can be easy by following a few guidelines. The most important thing to remember is a 100% guarantee. This guarantee says everything. Choose a company that is personalized, professional, and dedicated to YOUR wants and special wishes! Congratulations, and best of luck in all your planning.

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